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Antonia Tefa

Master TESOL  Monash University

Kamu Butuh IELTS Untuk Kuliah ke luar?

Kami adalah penyedia kursus IELTS Preparation dengan kualifikasi Tutor terbaik dengan harga terjangkau. Dengan kualitas Tutor terbaik lulusan luar negeri, jumlah sesi dan jam yang sama bisa anda dapatkan dengan harga terbaik dibanding kursus lain. Plus sebelum official test IELTS anda akan kami berikan mock test dengan aplikasi test IELTS internal kami yang dibuat semirip mungkin. Sehingga Tutor kami dapat memperkirakan level band score anda sebelum melangkah ke Tes IELTS resmi.

Why take IELTS Preparation at Focusielts?

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Wujudkan mimpi kuliah di Australia/UK was created special program to provide an online IELTS Preparation course to people wanting to apply for study in the UK/Australia. The course is designed to help you achieve the score you need to successfully apply for the study.The team behind is made up of experienced IELTS teachers and examiners who are passionate about helping people achieve their goals. We understand the challenges that come with taking the IELTS test and we are here to help you overcome them. Our course is fully online and can be accessed from anywhere in the country, making it convenient for people with busy lifestyles. We also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results. So if you're looking for a reliable and convenient way to prepare for the IELTS test, look no further than!

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Tutor terbaik kami bukan hanya memiliki band score yang tinggi namun juga jam terbang mengajar yang panjang sehingga mereka sangat memahami bagaimana cara terbaik meningkatkan band score anda

Free Mock Test

Pastikan berapa perkiraan IELTS band score anda dengan aplikasi simulasi Test IELTS kami sebelum mengambil Tes IELTS resmi. Ini penting sehingga anda tidak kecewa, buang waktu dan uang karena gagal mencapai target IELTS band anda.

1 Tutor 1 student

Ada perbedaan mendasar antara kelas privat dan kelas umum. Pembelajaran privat memberikan kenyamanan tersendiri di kelas. 1 Tutor 1 student menjaga proses transfer ilmu menjadi lebih fokus.

Kelas Online

Kelas Online memberikan dampak besar bagi perkembangan belajar mengajar. Kini orang-orang tidak lagi dibatasi lokasi dan waktu kursus. Melalui Zoom Meeting student dari manapun dapat belajar dengan Tutor Terbaik.
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Ms. Tefa

Master TESOL from Monash University, Australia

Mr. Ardillah

Master of Education from Monash University, Australia

Ms. Eni

Master TESOL from Monash University, Australia

Ms. Teresa

IELTS Writing Band 8.0

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Rp 1.250.000
Study with Certified 7.5 IELTS score holder on READING & LISTENING section


Rp 1.650.000
Study with Certified 7.5 IELTS score holder on WRITING section


Rp 1.850.000
Study with Certified 7.5 IELTS score holder on SPEAKING section


Rp 3.450.000
1 Student 2 Teachers!

Video Kelas IELTS

Devyn's IELTS Score 8.5

” Aside from already being used to exercise English often, Devyn was also easy to be directed. He immediately corrected his works based on any feedback given by the teacher. He also put what he had learnt into practice in those exercises and diligently did any of the tasks assigned to him. Hence, it is to be expected that he reached a result even beyond his own goal. ” Ms.  Teresa

Siti's IELTS Score 7.0

” Ms. Siti has a great motivation towards her future, but that didn’t make her ‘rushing’ and ‘demanding’ . She was open with suggestion and appreciate any input from the tutor. This would make the class comfortable, hence making the class effective and easy to follow. I do believe that these aspects made her successfully reaching her goal ” Ms. Rezu

Febri's IELTS Score 6.5

“Mr. Febri took the IELTS intensive class in which it was finished in 2 weeks.  He  showed eagerness in learning new things whether it was vocabulary or structure that could make his speaking skills better. With an open-minded approach during the class, he was able to take in suggestions and feedback and make good use of it for the next practices. I believe his learning mindset contributed to his success significantly.” Mr. Hakiki & Ms. Alvina

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