Achieve 6.5 Speaking Test After 8 Sessions Intensive Program

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Summary of Progress
Ari has got good English speaking to begin with. In terms of his speaking proficiency, he has a wide range of vocabularies, he can speak fluently and he knows how to use basic grammar such as present tense, past tense and present perfect. However, there were several problems in his speaking. His main problem in delivering his answers was there were few hesitations and pauses when he was not familiar with the topic or when he was not sure about the questions. There were also few errors in his grammar. In addition, he sometimes repeated the questions when answering.

The first thing that we did in the class was introducing each part of IELTS Speaking, what kind of questions that he needed to anticipate, and how to answer the questions or the topic in each part. Strategies to extend his answer, useful languages to begin his answer, connectors, and fillers were also taught. To boost his score, idiomatic language, and collocations were also given. There would be drilling speaking practices along with the new vocabularies related to the topic in every lesson.  

Throughout his class, Ari was able to follow the lesson well and did the practices quite satisfyingly. He could reduce his hesitations and pauses significantly, paraphrase the questions, extend his answers and use various vocabularies, and always tried to improve himself based on the feedbacks given. His drawbacks were he still made few grammatical errors especially when using past tense and he seldom used more complex tenses. Even though idiomatic languages had been taught, he still rarely used them in his answers. 

Overall, his performance was stable and with his current proficiency he could score 6.5.

What Ari could do to get high sore (7.0+) are:

  1. He should practice to use idioms naturally.
  2. He should use more collocations, phrasal verbs and more vocabularies related to certain topic.
  3. He should use more complex structure/grammar and practice to use them accurately.
  4. When he does not understand the questions, he should not make any pauses. He could ask the examiner.

I would suggest him to read a lot of articles related to social issues to help him gain some ideas on various topics. It will help him enrich his vocabularies and improve his knowledge that will significantly help him in IELTS Speaking Part 3. 


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