Hazuki Chan Persiapan IELTS Untuk Kuliah Di Jepang

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Summary of Progress

Teacher Name: Annie
Student Name: Hazuki-Chan
Total Student Session: 24
Number of Packages Taken: 1
Waktu Belajar  : Oktober – Desember 2021

Resume of the progress:
Hazuki shows very good progress during these 24 meetings. At the beginning of the course, Hazuki could understand spoken English well although she has limited vocabularies. During the course, she is showing good improvement. She participates activitely in the class, she could express her opinions, she tries her best to improve her vocabularies, reduces repetition, and make good progress on pharaprasing. She is also making progress in listening and reading. At the beginning of the course she needed to listen 3 to 4 times to the recording or read a passage 3 to 4 times to understand the context and respond to the task but now it only takes her 1 or 2 times. But in terms of grammar and writing, she still uses the present tense for everything. Besides, she is struggling for di and does insertion.

For The Next Lesson Plan
Hazuki could continue to take IELTS preparation class but with some conditions.
1. Based on my experience people need to take 3 months intensive study to rise 0.5 for Hazuki she needs at least 4-6 months intensive study to achieve 6.5.
2. If she takes IELTS preparation course but would like to improve her score in 3 months or less, she needs to spend at least 3 days in a week to practice her reading & writing skills and 2 days in a week to practice her listening & speaking skills.
3. She is a passionate student, she understands the instructions easily, she is willing to learn something new so it must be easy for her to follow the schedule given