IELTS Initial Score: 5.5

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Package    : IELTS Writing
Initial Score    : 5.5

Summary of Progress
Ivan’s writing skill is very basic. It was not well structured, and he had limited range of vocabulary. He used basic grammar (most of the time present simple tense) in his writing. For writing task 1, he did not use appropriate language to describe the data/changes/trend, and for writing task 2, his writing often went off topic. There were also quite many grammatical errors in his writing. The use of punctuation such as the use of stop was not appropriate, and he also sometimes forgot to use capital letters.

To improve his writing, there were several steps implemented in the class. First, for writing task 1, types of data were introduced along with useful languages used to describe the changes/trends. Structure of writing task 1 was also introduced. Grammar lesson was given based on the topic of the lesson (present tense, past tense, active and passive sentences). In every lesson, he would produce one writing. Feedback would be given on the spot or in the next meeting. For writing task 2, types of essay were introduced along with the structure of each essay. Useful languages were also given. He would also produce one essay in every lesson that would be checked. Feedback was also provided on the spot or in the next meeting.

During his learning, he showed unstable improvement. He had been able to write in an appropriate structure, both in writing task 1 and task 2. However, his sentences were not sequenced well. There were several times where he wrote two sentences without a connector, or left sentences incomplete (without subject/verb). The content of his body paragraph was sometimes not relevant enough with the topic of the essay. Sometimes, he did not provide sufficient explanation in his argument. Grammatical errors were often still found in his essay. The grammar used in his essay was also the basic one. 


What Ivan could do to improve his score are:

  1. He should use more complex structure/grammar.
  2. He should try using a variety of verb tenses e.g conditionals, present perfect progressive, etc.
  3. He should provide further explanation for his argument/main ideas in Writing Task 2.
  4. He should make sure that there are no dangling clauses (incomplete sentences)


I would suggest him to read advanced texts (journal articles or the news) that could help him get used to various vocabulary and complex sentence structure.


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