Study Within 3 Weeks and get Overall 7.5

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Who is The Student?
Student’s name: Marshella
Package : IELTS Speaking & Reading
Initial Score : Reading : 7.5, Speaking: 6.5

Summary of Progress
Marshella’s has a good English speaking and reading skill to begin with. For her speaking, she has a wide range of vocabularies, she can speak fluently and she knows how to use basic grammar such as present tense, present tense and present perfect. However, there were several problems in her speaking. Her main problems in delivering her answers were mainly about paraphrasing. She tended to repeat the questions when answering the questions. She also had a habit of repeating the same word (such as eventually), using very informal words (wanna, gonna), and repeating her answers that her main points were not clearly presented. Her inconsistency in using past tense was also her weakness. There were also few hesitation and pauses in her answers as she tended to be very enthusiastic at the beginning but then she would lost her ideas in the middle of her answers that made her stopped talking.

The first thing that we did was identify her weaknesses as it was an important part of her learning to know her strengths and her weaknesses. In every meeting, there would be drilling practice along with the new vocabularies related to the topic. She showed a stable improvement in her speaking. She became calmer in answering, and her answers became more well-structured that her main points were more clearly delivered. She also could paraphrase the questions. She still made few grammatical errors especially when using past tense. She also seldom used more complex tenses. As her goal is to get 7.0 above, idioms were also taught. In the last few meetings, she could use one or two idioms appropriately, but less natural, in her answers. Hesitations and pauses were also not found anymore in her answers. However, she still made few hesitations when given unfamiliar topic.

Have Stable Performance 
Regarding to her reading skill, she is very good at it. Her reading speed and paraphrasing skill was great. When given reading practices, she could answer most of the questions correctly. On the last reading practice given to her, she could score 8.0. Her weakness was in True, False, and Not Given type of question. With more practices, this problem could be tackled.

Overall, her performance was stable, and the progress could be seen in every lesson. It was also great that she could identify the progress that she made and what aspect needed to be improved. For her speaking, her fluency and coherence had improved significantly. However, for her vocabulary range, she still needed to use more collocations and specific vocabularies for a certain topic as the vocabularies that she used were mostly the general ones. Her grammar range and accuracy also still needed to be improved. She needed to practice using more complex grammar and to be consistent. Her pronunciation was great.

Tutor Tips
What Marshella could do to maintain (and even improve) her score to a 7.0+ band are: 

  1. She should practice to use idioms more naturally. 
  2. She should use more collocations, phrasal verbs and more vocabularies related to certain topic. 
  3. She should use more complex structure/grammar and practice to use them accurately. 
  4. Her habits of repeating the same word (word “eventually”) in almost of her answers should be removed. 
  5. For reading, doing a lot of reading practices will help her improve her reading comprehension. 

I would suggest her to read a lot of articles related to social issues to help her gain some ideas on various topics. It will help her to enrich her vocabularies and improve her knowledge that will significantly help her in IELTS Speaking Part 3.